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You’ve got yourself to a decent position. Business is good so you have decided that it’s time to expand. Your contacts and track record have got you a few customers but now you’re looking at the sales game so what next?

It’s obvious – hire a Sales Director, isn’t it? Well no, we tend to disagree. Not with Sales Directors per se, but the notion that all you need to do to sort out your business development and sales strategy is to hire a Ferrari-driving, testosterone-fuelled, big spending Sale Director.Please don’t get me wrong – some of my best friends are like that and businesses need these kinds of people so I’m not saying never hire them. I’m saying plan when you hire them. The reason is simple – a Sales Director without marketing, inside sales, demand generation and so on, is only as good as their Black Book – Black Books run out and also rapidly lose their context. Worse, they can become a costly overhead, constantly just around the corner from that big deal. We recommend that before you hire “that guy”, get a proper marketing plan and measured strategy in place, run campaigns to test the market, establish a pipeline with perhaps even some closed deals. Then hire that guy. With the full business development system in place, when they join your business they can be quickly productive and better still, you can see how well they perform against your previous experience.