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Do you spend your money on SEO and making your site rank page one on Google? Or do you throw it at Social Media? In a perfect world with a large bucket of cash the answer is do both in spades, but the reality is we have to decide where to place our chips so what to do?

SEO is fundamentally about driving buyers via Google search to your website so they can buy, while social is really about engaging in conversations and influencing people to….go to your website and buy. Visibility in search can drive social follows, comments and shares and social media can rank too – Google takes note of what you’re up to on social media which means your website’s ranking will get affected by your social activity.

Social activity will get immediate but short lived results unless you carry on – SEO will take many months but have momentum. Social can go viral but Search will always be governed by the keywords people are using. With Search you have no idea who is coming to your site until they start buying but with Social you have plenty of idea who is engaging but no idea if they’ll buy. Social content should be shiny (image, video) – no-one shares White Papers on Facebook, but Search content must be clear, informative and keyword-centric (it needs to get found by Google and then read by buyers).

I partner with an SEO and Social Media Management company and their SEO team are an entirely separate department from their Social Media team because the disciplines are quite different. That’s because the work is different and independent (more or less) but once cast onto the web, it produces overlapping as well as self-affirming results.

If all this sounds like way to much fuss, those with deep pockets can simply buy it. If you’re impatient for SEO to kick in, Google Adwords buys you page one. If you want a guarantee that your content will show up on Social Media, simply buy an advert. You’ll make Google and Facebook quite happy and, just possibly you.