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Data Profiling is the lifeblood of any campaign and there are numerous low cost countries that will get it done.  However, think before you leap.  Unless you know exactly what you are asking for it’s really easy for offshore resources to head of down blind alleys that produce random results.

A good profiling process should do these things:

  1. Explain the campaign so that the profiler can use their intelligence to find more valuable prospects
  2. Have daily results so you can make sure it is on track
  3. Don’t ask for the impossible – it isn’t (yet) easy to find mobile numbers and direct dials
  4. Have an SLA regarding quality which either specifies replacement contacts if, say an email address fails, or a minimum acceptable accuracy percentage

And here are some data 101s:

  1. Don’t buy a cheap list

“For $100 you can get 2000 Oracle DB buyers” – if it costs so little, everyone has it and the targets get daily, maybe hourly emails. Hand craft if you have to.

  1. Get your list phone-profiled if you need to call

This can be inexpensively done from offshore using a dummy event – this proves a contact exists, has a pulse and can be phoned meaning expensive onshore tele is far more efficient.

  1. Spend time deciding job titles

Job titles reflect the audience for your proposition’s message – the key constituents of a successful campaign.

  1. Go volume if digital

If you are running a digital campaign you need data and lots of it.  You really are playing a numbers game and get your profiling organised to rapidly harvest emails for better success.

  1. Use a burner domain for emails

If you’re harvesting email addresses off the Internet which, let’s face it, most data profiling exercises do, then you’re not going to be 100% accurate.  In fact aim at 80-90% so if you blast this repeatedly from your main domain, you could get blacklisted (I know of big companies that have achieved this).  Consider buying a domain like “MyAweseomeCampaign.com” and sending your emails from there.