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Marketing Automation

If you’ve got our suggested digital programmes running there are a lot of balls to keep in the air. Part of marketing is of course to gain people’s interest but it’s vital to keep it and to move people towards a sale which is where automation plays a vital role. Most MA solutions are expensive, feature rich SaaS solutions built by companies which now need to justify their investment however they are way too expensive and complicated for point campaigns or SMEs.

We use Mautic, which is disrupting the MA ecosystem. It’s a free open source solution which we can host or install locally for you. We combine onshore experienced consultants with best value offshore Mautic specialists to get you a solution that will work brilliantly for an exceptional price.

We’ll configure Mautic to push leads to your CRM (including SuiteCRM, see CRM).



Our content creators are experienced writers and animators with industry expertise. We make sure that all they produce is carefully crafted to be attractive to search engines and to preserve your brand.



Our writers and animators are usually based offshore in inexpensive economies or nearshore retirees who work for the enjoyment as well as the spare cash and are happy to charge reasonable prices.