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I know of plenty of examples of companies who have asked themselves the question “what should we do about marketing” thus triggering the MD to call in the consultants.  Not long after the leadership team is hauled into an away day or the boardroom for endless hours to get to the bottom of the marketing strategy.  Then a few more days of work and your report arrives – pages of analysis which outlines the big plan for the next year. The top drawer is opened, the report is placed in it, the drawer is closed and the report is never…seen…again.


Most organisations are overwhelmed – there is always much more to do than people to do it.  Time is spent running the business and finding new customers.  What this means is that businesses are in quick fix mode – get out to meetings, hit the phones, clear the bench and do it all now.  The big strategic plans go out of the window as they don’t deliver immediate results.  They are also expensive and time consuming to implement.

I prefer the light approach. Spend a couple of hours with the leadership team to establish USPs, differentiators, marketing conditions, messages, competition and then build a two page plan.  This means you have a working document that is understandable and readable and you can start executing against it immediately.

It also doesn’t cost a fortune and is tuned to the thing that matters most – finding new customers.