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Behind all our offerings is our Digital Prospecting Engine.

Use our pre-built tailorable engine to put your buyer first by presenting them with a microsite that explains exactly why they should buy. Use multiple channels to encourage their interest and measure that interest until it is sufficient to start a conversation.

Then speak to them when it’s cost-effective and they’re ready to listen

What is it?

A quick, out of box, low cost digital (web-based) campaign that will move prospects towards your proposition so you know when to engage.

What does it consist of?

Some, or all of, a microsite, marketing automation, content, social media management, SEO/PPC and data profiling.

Or you can look at it as a pre-built set of templates, processes and open source platforms designed to create digital interest.

Why prebuilt?

Marketing is increasingly complex and expensive. By pre-building we remove these complexities providing a templated but tailorable solution which naturally makes it less expensive. Campaign success is never guaranteed as the future is never assured. However because our campaigns are easy to configure and consume, can fail quickly and adjust quickly so that you greatly increase success rates at significantly reduced costs.

What else do you get?

Tectonic Automated Marketing

Download our DPE Blueprint PDF for a fuller description but we will start with emails via your dedicated Marketing Automation solution as a bare minimum.  If you don’t have got a clear place for your buyers to go and understand your proposition then we add the microsite.  If your data is old or you’re entering a new market you’ll need our account profiling service.

Add to this the various inbound tactics that will draw people to your site and you have a digital prospecting engine.