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Paid by Results

Tectonic provides a CPL ‘cost per lead’ model with a prime focus on the B2B Technology Sector.

According to industry studies, more than 90 percent of technology buyers consult a white paper or case study before contacting a vendor regarding a purchase. Tectonic focusses on syndicating your content with precise audiences faster and further than anyone.

We provide a global reach, covering North America, EMEA, APAC and LATAM. Whether your target audience is IT, Marketing, HR or Finance we have the data to be able to deliver globally.

Why use us?

Global Coverage, Superior Delivery

Account Based Marketing

We use the latest account based marketing best practices to personalise your campaign and maximize results.

Pay on Result

No retainers or setup fees. We work on a result only basis, with an agreed budget and Cost-Per-Lead in advance.

Content Performance

We help you learn how well your content performs with buyers to eliminate wasteful spend and increase pipeline activity through optimization, nurturing and sales tactics of your content

Content Viewability

Until recently no other CPL Demand Generation provider has been able to deliver viewability and other metrics to the email content or has determined that the recorded click was not just a spam checker following the links to ensure security.


In addition, open rates can’t tell you:

a) if the content was read
b) for how long or which areas where read

What this has meant is that, although customers can feel satisfied that their content has hit the right target profile professional, they can’t tell if it’s been read or if its relevant to them.Prospects that have just opened the email and scanned for a few seconds are considered equals to those that have actually-opened and consumed bits of content that are relevant or pertinent to their job.

ContentCrowd not only provides marketeers with deeper insight into content consumption, we also provide activity of users to provide marketeers with better insight into what content resonated. Lumesse can see what prospects are reading and pass this insight onto the sales team for a much more meaningful discussion.

How it Works

  • Decide your target criteria and select the collateral you want to promote.
  • We agree a cost-per-lead and monthly/quarterly targets.
  • We promote your content to target audiences.
  • You receive your qualified leads report detailing the performance of your content:
    – how long in time your content was viewed
    – what percentage of your content document was read and how many times.

32 million Contacts in 90 Countries

Data is at the core of Tectonic’s digital strategy – without it we simply cannot function efficiently. Our ability to use first party data for audience based marketing enables us to execute your strategic demand generation requirements. Leveraging our technology install base we can provide technographic’s on 6500 products to see what hardware and software companies are using to help you find your competitive advantage.