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Do you need a chatbot?

Our bot will ask you a series of questions to help you work out where you might benefit from having a chatbot. It also offers advice as to where a bot might best help your business.

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100 Answer bot

A bot that answers 100 questions about your products or services.  It lets prospects ask about your offerings in their own time and in a conversational manner.  It encourages them to contact you and can be deployed in an email campaign or CPL model when it will automatically know who is chatting so it will send them and you the transcript.


Contained Process Bot

Find a contained  business process that is ready for automating via a bot and we’ll create an MVP which will produce provable value within that domain.

We’ll train the conversation and code the integration to get your bot project going so you can gradually automate some of the human interactions in your business, case by case.



If you’re after a POC or a quick starter bot with predefined flows, we can use FLOWXO to create a high demonstrable bot that can quickly win over those new to the benefits of the bot world.  Also suitable for  small SMEs looking to gain entry to the chatbot world.

The Bot Landscape


Our bots serve two main purposes :

Information bots such as FAQs, Marketing bot, HR information, Helpdesk

Process bots such as customer service, helpdesks, shopping, finance

Many bots are a hybrid providing both conversational information as well as process access to back end systems.

However users can access information and processes either through a guided series of flows and prompts or through natural language or through a hybrid.  So you could click a button that says “Change Password” or you could type “can I change my password” with the same result.  The difference is how human you want you bot to feel – the former is quicker, more controlled but less human, the latter is the opposite.

Generally the more human a bot feels the better the user experience.  We use IBM Watson to humanise our bots through Natural Language and FLOWXO to handle menu  structures.


There are numerous botdev frameworks and we can develop in many.  For those looking for immediate results we can deliver solutions in a few weeks based around FLOWXO (see below).


There are various ways a bot can talk to people – the supported channels will usually be defined by the use cases. These will grow and expand as take up increases.


There are numerous botdev frameworks and we can develop in many.  For those looking for immediate results we can deliver solutions in a few weeks based around FLOWXO (see below).

Our bot development process



All bots start with a scope.  What should it do and who does it serve?  What sort of conversation is expected of it – flow or natural or both?



How does your bot respond to people?  How much fun do you put in? How rigid is your conversation? What sort of answers should your bot give.


Write out all the features that the bot needs and then list them in order of importance.  Always try for an MVP and iterate often but make sure that the minimum is good enough to provide functionality and keep users.


Natural conversation goes anywhere – that’s why it’s interesting.  However in bot design you can’t afford loose end.  A comprehensive flow design will ensure that a user will always end up at the right answer

Our bot technology

IBM Watson

For bots requiring natural language, we use IBM Watson Conversation which leads the world in Natural Language Systems (NLS). It’s delivered via IBM’s PaaS, IBM Cloud, which allows for further bot services such as sentiment analysis (Watson Tone Analyzer), Watson Language Translator as well as over 100 other services.



FLOWXO allows you to create bots from the most simple in minutes, to highly intricate bots with multiple integrations.  Flows are an essential part of bot navigation and FLOWXO is designed to quickly build these dialogues. When natural language, translation and tone analysis is required we use IBM Watson to create our hybrid bots.



Botpress is an open-source bot creation tool written in Javascript. It is powered by a rich set of open-source modules built by the community.

Botpress is like the WordPress of Chatbots; anyone can create and reuse other people’s modules.

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