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Forgive the attempt at a catchy title but we all need clicks.  It pays deference to the prevailing view of the embattled men of Great Britain when the Americans swaggered into town in the early 40s:

“Over paid, over sexed and over here”.

They broadly preferred the Americans as the other option was the Nazis however GIs clearly had the upper hand when it came to nylons, gum and cash.

And so to the title.  When I was 13 I saw 2001 a Space Odyssey and was mesmerised. Most people have heard of the evil HAL, the psychopathic computer that starts murdering astronauts – HAL is a central character in the film – flawed, logical, emotional – more human than humans. So when the bot scene began to emerge I quickly took interest and I found a few things out rapidly:

  1. Over hexed – bots are not AI (yet) they take a lot of coding to become half decent. We are a long way off asking a bot to nip down to the shops and buy us some cornflakes.
  2. Over hyped – it’s revolution! Bots will easily and quickly change everything and we will soon either be in a gated community with haves and have nots or we will have utopia where all 7 billion of us live on Ibiza for ever. Not. Yet.
  3. Over here – oh yes, they are. The chatbot business is exploding because quite simply the tech is good enough to strip a lot of cost out of the repetitive knowledge worker business. the bots are coming.

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