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$10K Pop-up packages

Our $10K Pop-up packages are designed for the SME – we build them specially to execute within one quarter. Also, if you use vendor MDF or co-marketing they are perfectly contained to provide results.

Plans and Pricing

These numbers are based on an average deal size of £25K. Contact us and we will use your numbers to get your ROI.

Extra Profiling

£750 per 1000 contacts
Add more contacts to your digital reach to increase campaign ROI

Extra Agents

£5,500 per agent per 20 days
If your digital is producing the results add the agents to increase conversions

Advanced Website

£1000 for advanced features
Greater scope, interactivity, widgets, etc… more functionality can be provided.

Specialist Blogger

£200 / blogger / month + their fee
Having an industry specialist blogger is a great addition to your campaign

Don't Be Shy

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